Like tax collectors, soldiers were tempted to use their position to enrich themselves.


John the Baptist did not advise soldiers to go into another profession. . .

Luke 3-14

They must not be injurious to the people among whom they were quartered, and over whom indeed they were set: “Do violence to no man. Your business is to keep the peace, and prevent men’s doing violence to one another; but do not you do violence to any.

Balaam, the pagan soothsayer, who prostituted his supernatural gift.


Since Balak believed that there was no military way to withstand the Israelites, he sought to oppose them through pagan divination, sending for a diviner with an…

Numbers 22-24

That God spoke to Balaam is not to be denied, but Balaam did not yet realize that the God of Israel was unlike the supposed deities that he usually schemed against. 


2 Peter 2:15-16

way of Balaam son of Bezer. See Nu 22–24. Balaam was bent on cursing Israel, though God had forbidden it. He wanted the money Balak offered him. Similarly, these false teachers apparently…